Community Benefits/Wider Role

Inclusion was facilitated and implemented through Kingdom’s Fife Works Project

Activities included:

  • Training and employability.
  • Work placements from training programmes and College/University courses.
  • Familiarisation visits for trades people and professionals.
  • Innovative landscaping design and promotion of green-space benefits.
  • Involvement of local schools to increase awareness of modern house design and future career choices.
  • Development of community art work to enhance the external environment.

Schools Programme

The P7 Construction Challenge took place at Carnegie Primary School in February 2012 with over 100 pupils participating.

Pupils from Duloch Primary School and Touch Primary School both came along while pupils from our partner schools; St Maries RC Primary School and Tanshall Primary School both gave talks on their respective school initiatives.  The event was also recorded by Adam Smith College as part of our monitoring and evaluation of HIS 2012.

The pupils worked in groups of 6 to complete 2 challenges.  The first challenge was to build the tallest tower using only newspaper and cellotape which had to stay upright for at least 20 seconds and the second was to build a bridge using spaghetti, cellotape and plasticine which had to hold the weight of a school dictionary for more than 20 seconds.

All the groups worked well and showed great initiative and team working to complete the challenges with the “Pancakes” and “Teabags” teams winning!

The event was concluded by the launch of a poster competition to design a poster for the family day in May and of course the now traditional performance of the Cha Cha Slide!

Well done to everyone who came along and took part!

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