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Tenant Participation

Tenant Participation – What are we doing?

It is important that customers and service users are able to take part at a level they feel comfortable with, so at Kingdom, we support different ways for getting involved.

We encourage you to join the Participation List and we will let you know when there is an opportunity to get involved. People on the list are invited to be part of projects and to attend forum meetings in different locations.  For example, every year we discuss our rent setting and future spending plans with groups of customers before we prepare a final consultation and send it to all our tenants.

As we move forward, we will continue to look at different ways to include our tenants and customers in everything we do.  We are always happy to talk about ways to make it easier for you to take part.  Why do you not call us and arrange to meet Max Scotto, our Participation Officer for a chat?

Below are some areas in which you can be involved in:

Participation List

Add your name to our list and we will let you know about any opportunities to get involved.  For example, some customers have helped us test our systems and services online, design our publications and have been invited to attend events and conferences.

Tenant & Customer Forums

We organise meetings in different locations to make it easier for people to attend. The topics for discussion are varied and these meetings will give you an opportunity to give us feedback on the services you receive from us.

Scrutiny Activities

The Scrutiny Panel works independently and is supported by us to carry out investigations on different topics.   They make recommendations to our Board of Management to help us improve.  Being a Panel member allows you to gain new skills and get an optional qualification.

Some customers take part in estate walkabouts which are organised to inspect the standards of our landscaping, communal stair cleaning and external maintenance services.


We carry out regular online, telephone and postal consultations.  We organise and go to local events, such as our Tenant’s Gatherings and community based information days.  We meet with individuals or smaller groups of neighbours to listen to them and their feedback.  We can use social media and do video conferences if that suits you better.

Rent Increase Consultation

During August to October we will be consulting about rent increase levels. Now more than ever it is important that you respond to the rent increase survey and make the most of other opportunities to share your views.

We have already begun consulting about what tenants can afford and we will be hosting virtual sessions as well as opening our Facebook Discussion group to answer questions and collect your views that can help our Board of Management to make sound decisions.

Digital Engagement

We are working with a group of tenants to test a new online engagement platform, Kingdom Communities, powered by Mighty Networks. This will allow people and groups to work collaboratively. It will also allow users to download a mobile application. This is designed to increase the accessibility of participation activities. It should also mean that we can better promote these opportunities. We are looking for volunteers to help us test this platform, which is very similar to Facebook. If you would like to help, please let us know.

Access to Housing for Young People

We are about to begin a project that will look at access to housing for young people in rural areas. This will involve identifying barriers that young people across Fife and Clackmannanshire face when looking to take on their own home. It will also aim to research housing ambitions and priorities among people under the age of 25. This will help us to plan for the future and understand how we could help to raise awareness of the different housing options available to younger people. The research will be led by Callum Wynd, a Housing Studies student from the University of Stirling, who is completing an internship at Kingdom. As part of his research, Callum will be conducting a survey and is looking to speak to residents aged under 25. If you would like to get involved, please contact Callum by emailing or phoning 01592 630922.

Please contact us on 01592 630922 or email if you would like to find out more or get involved.




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