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Current / Planned Projects

Our Development Strategy highlights our plans to develop additional new homes in the future as part of a rolling 5 year plan.

We aim to develop around 400 new homes per year for Kingdom Housing Association and our partners.

Our planned 2021/22 completions as part of that 5 year plan are:

  • Social Rent Homes for Kingdom Housing Association 270
  • Social Rent Homes for Partners of Kingdom Housing Association 92
  • Mid Market Rent Homes for Kingdom Initiatives 87
  • Total target completions for 2021/22 449
The varied locations of our current and planned projects are shown here on our Interactive Map.
We seek good sites in these areas to sustain our build programme. If you have a potential site you would like us to consider, please submit a New Sites Enquiry Form.
Further details of our current and planned projects can be found below.

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