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Kingdom Works Employers Leaflet

Date Added: 28 August 2018

Download: Fife-Works-DL-Bro.pdf

KSC – Staff Briefing – Stepping Up

Date Added: 15 November 2018

Download: KSC-Staff-Briefing-Stepping-Up.pdf

KSC Accounts 2017-2018

Date Added: 27 September 2018

Download: KSC-Accounts-2017-18-Final.pdf

KSC Budget

Date Added: 08 November 2019

Download: KSC-Budget.pdf

KSC Gender Pay Gap Report

Date Added: 03 April 2019

Download: KSC-Gender-Pay-Gap-Report.pdf

KSC Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Date Added: 01 April 2020

Download: KSC-Gender-Pay-Gap-Report-2019.pdf

KSC Guide to information

Date Added: 08 November 2019

Download: KSC-Guide-to-information.pdf

KSC Join our Team – Come Work with us

Date Added: 31 July 2018

Download: KSC-Come-Work-with-us.pdf

KSC Key Performance Indicators

Date Added: 28 October 2019

Download: KSC-KPI-2018-19.pdf

KSC Learning and Development Policy

Date Added: 22 June 2018

Download: Learning-Development-Policy.pdf