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Welfare Reform

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a benefit administered by Department for Work and Pensions and aims to make the welfare system simpler by replacing six benefits and tax credits with a single monthly payment.

You must apply for Universal Credit online – to do this or to get further information click here.

For all other DWP benefits click here

Discretionary Housing Payment for Under Occupancy

If you receive Universal Credit and are entitled to Housing Costs then your award will include an amount to pay towards your rent charge.  If you are affected by Under Occupancy there will either be a shortfall of 14% or 25% depending on the number of rooms that you are under occupying by.  For help towards this reduction you may apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment from your Local Authority.

To apply please select your Local Authority Link below:

Falkirk Council

Fife Direct – Fife Council

Clackmannanshire Council Online

Perth & Kinross Council – Perth and Kinross Council

Money Advice

Do you need advice on managing your finances?  Are you having difficulty paying your rent?  If you are, it is important that you notify us right away. You may find discussing the issue difficult but we are here to help you. If you get in contact with us, our staff will do their best to help and they can refer you on to other agencies if more specialised advice is needed. You can get independent, free money advice from a number of services, such as Citizens Advice Scotland or the Money Advice Service who can provide expert advice on budgeting and making sure you are claiming all the benefits you are entitled to.


Foodbanks are non-profit organisations which receive publicly donated food which is sorted by volunteers and distributed as food parcels.  There are a number of foodbanks operating in Fife which you can be referred to by your Housing Officer, a social worker, doctor or health worker.

For information regarding foodbank vouchers please select the relevant Link below:

Falkirk Foodbank

Fife Foodbank

Clackmannanshire Foodbank

Perth and Kinross Foodbank

Scottish Welfare Fund

You can also apply for help with the cost of setting up a home or staying in your home. Community Care Grants and Crisis Grants are available through the Scottish Welfare Fund and can help to pay for furnishings and removal costs.

For more information please select the relevant link below:

Scottish Welfare Fund Fife

Scottish Welfare Fund – Perth & Kinross Council

Scottish Welfare Fund – Clackmannanshire

Scottish Welfare Fund – Falkirk Council

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