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Young People in Transit

We support young people to have the life they want and aspire to reach their full of potential.  We:

  • support young people going through transition from children to adult services.
  • support young people leaving a family home or education services to lead more independent lives as young adults.
  • design an individual transition plan to suit their individual needs and wishes.
  • work alongside other agencies involved in the young person’s life to ensure their journey through transition meets their needs and that the young person and their family members are heard and participate fully in the transition as it is their journey.
  • change the support and services we offer to continually meet the changing needs of the young person as they develop their skills.
  • support the young person to develop more independent living skills, make links within their community, seek further education or look for employment.
  • support the young person with whatever they need and want throughout the transition period and beyond that into adult life.

We have experience of supporting young people in transition within in a variety of settings from low level visiting support to 24 hour supported accommodation.

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