Kingdom Housing / Support & Care / Prevention of Homelessness

Prevention of Homelessness

We play an important role in supporting people to identify and tackle the root causes that lead to homelessness.  We:

  • provide Fife wide support to individuals with a wide diversity of support needs, including mental health issues and substance misuse, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
  • help people apply for benefits they are entitled to, to ensure they have enough money to pay for their rent and basic necessities.
  • help people secure or maintain their tenancy, assisting them to live independently in their homes and reduce the risk of homelessness through providing support with budgeting, debt and other daily living skills.
  • work in partnership with Fife Council’s Prevention First approach with the aim to support individuals, at an early stage, to determine and address issues which are threatening homelessness.
  • provide support for up to 6 months and if ongoing support is required, apply for longer term funding to ensure people are not left in a vulnerable position.

We have experience of supporting people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless in a variety of settings from low level visiting support to 24 hour supported hostel accommodation.

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