Laurie Naumann

Joint Vice Chair Joined Feb 1979

Laurie is a joint Vice Chair and a founder Board member. He is also a member of the Audit & Corporate Governance Sub Committee and Senior Management Remuneration and Succession Planning Sub Committee.

Laurie is a Fife resident and been a KHA Board member since February 1979. He has been involved with Kingdom since its early gestation period in 1977 when a group of local people, concerned at the lack of sufficient housing in Fife for single and homeless people, set up the Fife Council for Single Homeless. Little did he imagine then that he was contributing to the establishment of an organisation that, over a period of 40 years, would become a significant and innovative provider of a range of quality housing and related services as well as a major employer in Fife and neighbouring local authority areas. As a founding Board member and, more recently, the Vice Chair, he has remained actively involved ever since in all aspects of Kingdom’s development and operations.

In its early days Laurie contributed to the formulation of Kingdom’s key objectives to build housing, reduce homelessness and provide support to enable tenants with additional needs to live in the community. Laurie said that he is proud of the way in which these objectives have been and continue to be implemented and fulfilled over the decades, very often as an example to other providers.