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Report a Repair

An important update on our repairs service during Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak: 22 March 2020

Due to the latest Government guidance, we are restricting our repairs service to Emergency and Urgent Repairs only.  Please follow this link for the latest update on defects management where your property is under 1 year old

If you have a prior booking for a routine repair or have reported a routine defect we will be in touch with you directly to confirm the postponement of that booking.

Gas servicing is going ahead as normal and we ask that you provide access to enable this to happen.

If you are social distancing, we will only come into your home to carry out repairs and gas servicing with your agreement and we may take precautions, including wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), to prevent virus transmission.

For your safety, and the safety of our operatives, if anyone in your household is showing symptoms of the virus we may use other options to solve the immediate problem rather than coming out, for example providing temporary heating or talking you through sorting some straightforward problems yourself.  As soon as it is safe to do so, we will then come out and complete any necessary work.



We recognise the importance of implementing an efficient and effective repairs service.

You must report to us, as soon as reasonably possible, any damage to your home, the common parts or loss or damage to our property.

You can do this in person by visiting any of our offices, by telephone or via My Kingdom online.

Where you have given us a mobile number, we will contact you by text to confirm any repairs appointments, with a reminder text being sent 2 days before your appointment.

Please click below for further information on how to report a repair.

Any EMERGENCY repairs outwith normal working hours should be reported by calling:

01592 632632 – non gas related repairs

0141 766 3333 – gas heating repairs (west area, Glenrothes, Kinglassie & outwith Fife)

0800 389 9463 – gas heating repairs (east area & Thornton)

Please remember that if you live in a new property which is under 1 year old and you have an emergency outwith office hours you should refer to the numbers provided in the Guide to Your New Home issued to you at allocation.  Please follow this link for the latest update on defects management where your property is under 1 year old

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