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Repairs Responsibilities

You must report to us, as soon as reasonably possible, any damage to your home, the common parts, or loss or damage to our property.

You are responsible for taking reasonable care of your home. This responsibility includes carrying out minor repairs and internal decoration, this includes keeping your home in a reasonable state of cleanliness.

Whilst you are not responsible for carrying out repairs which are due to fair wear and tear, your responsibilities do include the following:

  • Miscellaneous Repairs: such as damage to glass, damage or blockage to sinks or sanitary ware, fitting/renewing tap washers, plugs or chains, internal door handles, replacing lost or broken keys and any other cost incurred through forcing entry due to lost keys and replacing batteries for smoke detectors.
  • Emergencies: you will take all reasonable steps to ensure that we are notified immediately of emergencies, including those involving the supply of water, and to ensure that, where necessary, access can be gained by our representatives.
  • Cold Weather: you will take reasonable care to ensure that water pipes do not freeze. In the event of being absent from the property, you should inform us and you should ensure that the internal water supply is turned off and pipes and tanks etc. are drained or if away for a short period that heating is left on at a low background heat.
  • Access: you will allow us access to the house for the purposes of inspection, repair, maintenance and renewal and for all other reasonable purposes provided that (except in the case of an emergency) we have given to you reasonable notice of our requirement for access.

Whilst we maintain comprehensive building insurance, we are not responsible for the arrangement of contents insurance cover. You are strongly recommended to insure personal possessions, floor coverings, furniture etc against loss or damage caused by fire, flood, theft, accident etc.