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Major Repairs & Cyclical Programme

Effective property maintenance is essential to ensure our housing stock continues to meet housing needs and remains sustainable in the future.  We are committed to the following in relation to maintenance, management and housing delivery:

  • Recognition of our customers needs
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality standards
  • Suitability of purpose
  • Sustainability
  • Financial viability, affordability and value for money

We aim to achieve the above by progressing Major Repairs & Cyclical Maintenance Programmes to our properties.

We have ongoing programmes of work including window repairs and window replacements, kitchen and bathroom replacements, heating upgrades and other energy efficiency measures, as well as cyclical painterwork programmes.

In addition to the above, some examples of recent work carried out include replacement of stair vinyl in flatted block common areas, installation of general insulation measures and the replacement of smoke and heat detectors at various locations throughout Fife.