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Gas Safety

We are required by law to have safety checks carried out on gas appliances and pipework once a year and provide you with a copy of the Landlords Safety Record. This is to ensure that your system is operating correctly and safely.

We currently carry out gas safety checks on a 10 month cycle. It is essential that you allow the Engineers access to do this work. We will send you a letter telling you the day our contractor will call, if this date is unacceptable you can contact them to re-arrange.

If you are not at home, they will leave you a card saying that they called. We will then send you another letter within a few days with a new date for their engineer to attend.

The engineer will try 3 times to carry out the service. If you have not given them access by the 3rd visit, we will cap your meter if it is external and you will be recharged for this.  We will take further action if you have an internal meter by gaining access into the property and you will be recharged for this 4th visit.

If you have any questions about your annual gas service, or if you have received a letter about having smoke detectors installed, you can call us on 01592 632551.

If you have any gas appliances of your own, e.g. a gas cooker, then you should have it repaired and serviced by an approved engineer. You must check that the engineer works for a company registered with Gas Safe Register operated by Capita a body which approves qualified and trained gas installers. If you want to install any gas appliance you must first contact Kingdom Housing Association for permission.

If you smell gas in your home, you should:

  • put out all cigarettes and other naked lights.
  • switch off all gas appliances.
  • turn the gas off at the mains (the main tap is usually beside your gas meter).
  • make sure you do not turn on any lights or other electrical switches.
  • open all windows and doors.
  • phone TRANSCO on the emergency number: 0800 111 999

Our Gas Safety Policy can be viewed in full by clicking on the link to the left.