Medical Adaptations

An adaptation is a permanent change that is made to your home to make it easier for you to live there.  To be eligible for an adaptation you will normally have a disability or need adaptations to assist your independent living.

We have two classifications of  adaptations:

  • Minor Works – eg Lever Taps/Grab Rails/Steps/Small Ramps
  • Major Works – eg Door Widening/Level Access Showers/Wetrooms/Kitchen works etc.

The above are examples only and other works may be eligible if recommended by your Occupational Therapist.

To qualify for an adaptation you need to be a tenant of ours and have been assessed by an Occupational Therapist.

If you feel you would qualify for an adaptation, firstly you have to contact the Occupational Therapist for the area that you live in (see Other Resources).

Once an Occupational Therapist has been out to visit you and assessed your needs and decided what requirements you need for your disability, they will then contact us to carry out the works.

You do not normally have to pay for the adaptations as we receive a yearly allocation of money from the Scottish Government to help pay for adaptations that have been recommended by an Occupational Therapist, however if Scottish Government funding is not available we may not be able to carry out adaptations.

Please note that we will not be able to carry out adaptation works to your property unless you are a tenant of ours and you have been referred to us by your Occupational Therapist.