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About Repairs

We recognise the importance of implementing efficient and effective repairs and maintenance programmes, and we are committed to maintaining our properties to a high quality standard through regular maintenance.

We aim to ensure:

  • we provide good customer service.
  • your property is well maintained to maximise its life.
  • we provide you with a good quality home and environment.

Our repairs services is primarily intended to cover all tenanted properties owned by us and where we have a responsibility for repairs. It does not apply to other tenures where we may have an interest in the property, or where the maintenance responsibility is with a sharing owner or another party

As part of our service to you we have our own In House Maintenance team who carry out various parts of our repairs and maintenance programmes.  This team currently consists of 3 apprentices and 25 tradespeople.

Did you know?

  • We carry out approximately 11,000 responsive repairs per year
  • Our tenant satisfaction with our repairs service is currently 92%

You can help us to maintain our high levels of tenant satisfaction by returning any surveys that we issue to you on completion of your repair.