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National Panel of Tenants and Service Users

“The Scottish Housing Regulator protects the interests of tenants and other users of social landlord services (including council and housing association services). The National Panel is one of the ways that the Regulator hears from tenants and people who use social landlord services. You can find out more about the Regulator’s work at
What’s involved?

Panel members receive occasional surveys and invites to take part in other feedback exercises. As a member, you can share your experiences and views on various issues affecting social landlord services. Participation is always optional, and you can leave at any time.

Join the Scottish Housing Regulator’s National Panel and complete our latest survey

to help improve social landlord services. or 0800 433 7212 If you have any questions about the Panel, or if you need a copy of this form in other languages or large print, please contact Engage Scotland who manage the Panel for us. You can reach them on 0800 433 7212 or”