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Choices: The Power To Make A Difference In Your Community

What Is Choices?

Choices gives you the power to make positive changes in your community

Choices gives access to funding to support ideas and events that will improve the area where you live.

Choices is Kingdom’s participatory budgeting scheme. That means residents and customers decide how the money should be spent.  

How Does It Work?

Who Can Apply For Choices Funding?

If you’re a tenant or customer of Kingdom Housing Association or Kingdom Initiatives, you can apply. Community groups or organisations can also submit an idea, but their application must:

  • Be able to show that the project would benefit people in the communities where Kingdom works.
  • Applications will be consulted on with residents


What Can I Use Choices Funding For?

Choices funding can be put towards any idea designed to improve your local community.

Examples of projects supported by Choices include creating a community garden, installing landscaped seating areas and bird/bat boxes, supplying equipment to help with litter picking projects and a community fruit & veg stall, and increasing the accessibility of communal areas. Choices has also brightened up many places by funding the installation of planters and can be used to support community events.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Funding?

Appropriate timescales will be discussed and agreed as part of the application process.

Remember, in all cases we will also have to consult with others in your community before making a decision to award your project funding. This means that completing an application does not guarantee that your project will be funded.


To find out more about the criteria for Choices email

Or submit an application here.