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About Factoring

A property factor is a person or organisation that manages the common areas in a development of properties on behalf of all the owners. The factor arranges for any necessary work to be carried out and invoices the owners for their share of the costs. Changes to factoring legislation meant we had to register with the Scottish Government as property factors in our owner occupied developments.

Common areas include:

  • a stairwell accessed by 2 or more properties.
  • an area of grass, landscaping or trees that do not belong to an individual property but are for the common enjoyment of all the properties in the development.
  • street lighting that has not been adopted by the local authority.
  • roads and pavements that have not been adopted by the local authority.

Each development has:

  • Title Deeds that set out responsibilities specific to each development, including the criteria for appointment of the factor, what powers the factor has and the proportionate contribution of each property.
  • Written Statement of Services that explain the division of responsibilities.

We hope you will be happy with the service we provide but, if you do have any complaints, you must complete our complaints process before contacting the Housing and Property Chamber (First-tier Tribunal for Scotland).

From the 1 December 2016, the existing Homeowner Housing (HOHP) and Private Rents Housing (PRHP) panels will become known as the Housing and Property Chamber (First-tier Tribunal for Scotland).

If you are unhappy about any part of our Factoring service you should contact us and we will investigate your complaint.  If you remain unhappy once you have exhausted our internal complaints process you can apply to the First-tier Tribunal to consider your complaint.

Contact details for the First-tier Tribunal are:

Housing and Property Chamber

First-tier Tribunal for Scotland

Glasgow Tribunals Centre

20 York Street


G2 8GT

Tel: 0141 302 5900

For further information, please refer to Property Factors (Scotland) Act.

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