The Kingdom House, Pittenweem

No of Properties: 1

Tenure: Social Rent

Completed: September 2010

Project Details

The Kingdom House was designed to provide a highly sustainable family home and to assist the Fife HA Alliance with their on-going research into appropriate forms of MMC and sustainability features.

This sustainable home was the first house for Affordable Social Rent to achieve the Passivhaus Accreditation in Scotland and the UK.

Project Accreditations

The Kingdom House received the National Green Champion Award for Scotland in 2011 and achieved the following accreditations.

  • Passivhaus
  • Eco Homes (Very Good)
  • Secured by Design
  • Housing for Varying Needs

Key Features

Renewable Technologies

This project incorporates a number of renewable technologies including; Solar Thermal Panels, Air Source Heat Pump, Solar Photovoltaics and a whole house Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery unit.

Monitoring data is being collected remotely and used to identify the effectiveness of the technologies being used.

Building Envelope

A Scotframe Supawall Delux closed panel system was used.  This system reduced the construction period and provided a number of additional benefits including; increased air tightness, quality of workmanship, reduced wastage and a reduction of trades on site.

The enhanced design and thermal insulation of the building envelope has resulted in a highly efficient building that requires little energy use for heating.  This has reduced energy bills for the resident as well improving the internal comfort and indoor quality of air.

Full details of the modern methods of construction and sustainability features are contained within the Project Overview linked to the left.

Housing Mix
  • 1 x 3 Bed, 5 Person Detached House (General Needs)

Kingdom Housing Association

How to apply for these properties

This property is allocated from the Fife Housing Register