Kingdom Housing / Development / Kincardine Regeneration / Project Aim and Objectives

Project Aim and Objectives


To create a development of high quality, distinctiveness and local identity to meet the local housing needs in the area.


  • Create a development which is sustainable, innovative and resource efficient through the incorporation of a range of environmental features to reduce the development’s carbon footprint.
  • Promote tenant/community involvement in the design and decision making process.
  • Observe the site’s context and integrate any new development with the surrounding built environment at both a physical and community based level.
  • Provide a safe and pleasant environment providing security, as well as being modern and attractive.
  • Re-establish connectivity with the existing town through accessible and legible pedestrian and vehicular routes with appropriate supervision.
  • Provide a mix of house types, with housing designed on a scale appropriate to the surrounding environs.
  • Meet the needs of the community in terms of choice of housing through mixed tenure and affordability.
  • Provide housing which is accessible and adaptable by observing Barrier Free and Housing for Varying Needs Principles.
  • Create a platform for the analysis, investigation of need and use of appropriate community facilities, within the wider Kincardine area.
  • To create a “Sense of Place”.