Partnership Working


The project demonstrates successful partnership working, with the community at the core of the decision making process.

A Project Board was established to oversee the redevelopment process.  Members included the local Councillors, representatives from the Scottish Government, the Association and its design team, the contractor, Fife Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations, Kincardine Tenants Association, and various Fife Council Departments.  Through this a number of joint projects and tasks were achieved, including preparation of a Development Brief to give clear guidance in respect of the aspirations and key issues for the redevelopment; followed by a Masterplan to guide the strategy and its implementation.

The contractor and consultants were appointed following a competitive appointment process.  The Architect and Contractor appointments were assessed on behalf of the Project Board by the Association, Fife Council, a local Councillor, and the Tenants Association’s Chairperson.

The local community has been a critical partner throughout the regeneration process. The flats had an active tenants association; it proactively campaigned to see the area redeveloped and was instrumental in driving it forward. Members were closely involved in the consultation process; the tenants choice process; and community newsletters.

Within the wider community, two groups were formed. The Local Community Consultation Group was established to develop and implement a consultation and participation strategy for the duration of the project, including community representative capacity building. The Focus Group was established to provide detailed input into specific projects – inputs which positively directed implementation.