New-build Phasing

The decision to demolish the Kincardine High Flats was reached in 2007.  To guide the redevelopment process a Development Brief was produced in 2008.  This was produced by Fife Council in association with key partners including the Kincardine Tenants Association and Kingdom Housing Association.

The Development Brief identified that the regeneration work should provide a mixed tenure residential development and meet housing needs in the area.

A Masterplan was produced in April 2009 which was based on the housing mix established in the Development Brief.  The new housing built is in accordance with the Masterplan design.  A summary of the housing mix is below:

Phase 1 – 65 homes for Social Rent

Phase 2 – 13 homes for Mid Market Rent & 6 homes for Social Rent

Phase 3 –  2 homes for Social Rent, 31 homes for Mid Market Rent & 16 homes for Affordable Sale to Priority Purchasers