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Community Benefits & Art Trail


The demolition and new build contracts have brought substantial physical change to the area and addressed the prominent, stigmatized, landmarks.    The scope of redevelopment is more than the physical change, however – it has tackled the need to remove a perceived separation between the flats, their residents, and the wider village; whilst providing a springboard for further community regeneration.  Kingdom encouraged all Kincardine residents to be involved in a number of projects associated with the redevelopment.

The Association worked closely with Tulliallan Primary School, and every pupil has been involved. This included Health and Safety talks, renewables and art workshops, and site visits.

Kingdom established a link with the local Secondary School – representatives from the Design Team attending Careers Evenings to answer questions from students about their professional disciplines. The contractor, Campion Homes, and Kingdom’s Fife Works team arranged for trainees to work on the site; with some local residents securing full-time positions and apprenticeships.

A Focus Group was established to input into associated projects, including the park, art trail and street naming.  This group was open to everyone in Kincardine, and many well- attended meetings were held.

The wider community was also involved in creating plans for the new park to arise from the then underused open space. Through the subsequent consultations emerged proposals which have resulted in a popular open space being created with buy-in from the community.  It is proving an attractive focal point which will also be appealing to the future residents moving into the area next year.

Finally, genuine community artwork has been installed as part of the broader regeneration.  An art trail was installed on the suggestion of the Focus Group, encouraging movement through the area.  It was developed with the community, including two capacity-building art workshops in the community centre; further workshops with the primary school; and input from the Local History Group.