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Kincardine Regeneration


The Kincardine High Flats project has been a masterplanned and integrated programme of works to regenerate the village of Kincardine in Fife, through a focus on a housing-led redevelopment of its ‘high flats’ area.

Kincardine is a historic village which contained three 16-storey high residential tower blocks, built in the 1960’s to house workers and their families for the local mining and power generation industries.  The high flats were a prominent landmark on the Firth of Forth but became unpopular with tenants and prospective tenants as those industries declined.  By 2007, one third of flats were empty and turnover was very high. A cost/benefit analysis of upgrading them demonstrated that it would prove unsuccessful.

Fife Council took the decision to demolish the residential tower blocks and appoint Kingdom Housing Association as the lead developer to redevelop the area through a partnership approach involving the local community, Fife Council and other stakeholders.