Stewart Milne

Stewart Milne Group used the Sigma II Building System, with a range of complimentary Innovation options. Our focus is on higher levels of prefabrication, to reduce build process and material waste & a Fabric 1st approach to carbon compliance, resulting in easy to use, affordable, comfortable and low maintenance affordable housing.

Sigma II Build System overview includes:

  • Closed Panel Hybrid SIPS & Timber Frame Walls, using a unique home.
  • Grown timber, C-Stud System.
  • High levels of energy efficiency, as low as 0.12 U-value, air tightness of 2 & 0.02 Thermal Bridging.
  • Prefabricated, closed and insulated ceiling & rafter cassettes.
  • Prefabricated mid floor cassettes, insulated and air sealed edges, with Preformed principle services holes.
  • Services zones pre-fitted & main services holes preformed.
  • Single Skin Party Wall, prefabricated full fill insulation, edge sealed and 30 minutes fire protection fitted (1st In UK).
  • No inner or outer membranes with air sealing gaskets factory fitted.

Plot Numbers: 9-12

Property Description: 2 bedroom cottage flats

House System Developed: Sigma II Build System

Contact Details: Douglas McCusker – Business Development Manager –

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