Lomond Homes

The Lomond Breathing Wall system is a truly Modern Method of Construction (MMC), using “fabric first” principles to deliver affordable performance.

All of this is achieved without substantially thicker walls, and by using familiar building methods.

The system also brings added health benefits, since the constant background ventilation maintains a low level of relative humidity, and thus a healthier living environment.

Incoming fresh ventilation air is pre-warmed as it is drawn through the external wall itself.  This pre-warming reduces the demand for space heating, lowering energy consumption and carbon emissions and bringing savings on fuel costs.

The Lomond Breathing Wall system by Lomond Homes is a high performance, cutting-edge construction technology.  It is a highly insulated (i.e. low U‑value and low heat loss), timber-framed, external wall construction, utilising dynamic insulation to recover and recycle heat energy which would otherwise be lost to the outside air.

Plot Numbers: 22-23

Property Description: 2 & 3 bedroom general needs houses

House System Developed: Lomond Breathing Wall


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