Future Affordable

FUTURE:affordable housing system combines the K2 off-site manufactured, closed panel wall panel system with thee.CORE central service module to optimise the use of home grown timber.

The K2 wall system is designed to minimise cold bridging and be pre-fabricated from small section Scottish timber and Thermobond insulation quilt which is manufactured from recycled textiles sourced primarily from Scottish woolen mills.

The e.CORE service module contains all of the major services required within a home.  It is manufactured, under factory conditions, from structural solid timber wall, floor and ceiling panels that are formed in low grade Scottish timber and incorporates all of the electrical, water, drainage and ventilation services in an efficient, integrated system.

The high levels of off-site, modern methods of construction used for both the wall and core systems maximises the build quality and minimises waste, embodied energy and defects.

Plot Numbers: 19-21

Property Description:  2 bedroom general needs houses

House System Developed: Integrated K2 timber framed, closed panel wall system with e.CORE pre-fabricated structural service core

Contact Details: David Blaikie – studio@davidblaikiearchitect.co.uk