CUBE RE:treat

CUBE RE:treat is the lead company, in collaboration with CUBE architecture (Architects) and John Heaney Joiners & Builders (Main Contractor).  The buildings, once erected, can be finished, and incorporate, any material (brick, steel, render, glass, timber cladding etc), so as to produce an aesthetically pleasing building that will not only be comfortable to live in, but also efficient to heat.

The pre-assembled panels can be utilised for walls, floor and roof, therefore allowing each project to be constructed quickly, and to a quality factory finish, thus reducing the time on site.

This method of modern construction, utilises Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS). It provides a cost effective, environmental and energy efficient solution. A SIPS building is constructed by assembling pre-manufactured panels that are heavily insulated, removing the need for additional insulation.

Plot Numbers: 15-16

Property Description: 2 bedroom amenity cottages

House System Developed: SIPS House (Structural Insulated Panels)

Contact Details: Alison Allan

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