Following investment of £10m in state of the art, Off-Site Manufacturing Production Facilities in Glasgow, CCG’s iQ System delivers closed panel, timber frame, wall, roof & floor cassette panels for domestic & non-domestic buildings.

The facility can deliver low energy, low carbon, zero carbon & Passivhaus building performance levels, using a multitude of building components, from natural, breathable & hygroscopic, through to high performance, hi-technology methods. Employing long panel automated production processes, ensures greater quality control, less waste & much better inherent thermal performance.

The pre-fitting of key components such as services, windows & doors, insulation and internal & external linings to the wall, roof & floor cassette panels, saves time on site and genuinely makes the building process much more efficient & cost effective to clients.

CCG’s iQ System approach delivers the buildings of the future, without the hassle, waste & inefficiencies usually offered by the conventional construction industry.

Plot Numbers: 24-25

Property Description: 3 bedroom general needs houses

House System Developed: CCG: iQ SystemOff Site Manufactured, Closed Panel, Timber Frame Building System

Contact Details: Stephen Good – Group Design Manager –

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