Porotherm is a precision engineered, clay block structural walling system. It offers a modern construction method with the reassuringly traditional values of clay. The system has been extensively used in mainland Europe for more than 30 years – both in the residential and commercial sectors.

Campion Homes, who are the Framework contractor for the Innovation project, are also acting as preferred partners for some of the house systems being developed as part of the showcase project. One of the systems being developed by Campion is the Porotherm system, which is being used on the 2 bedroom cottages in Block 4.

Wienerberger launched this tried and tested system to the UK market, unveiling its benefits for the first time, at Ecobuild in March 2009. Since then, it has established regional partnerships with a number of merchants across the UK to become Porotherm system distributors

The system provides a highly efficient alternative to other building materials such as timber, concrete or light steel frames and can significantly reduce construction times. It is a virtually dry, efficient, strong, safe and environmentally-friendly method with proven performance characteristics, while also offering commercial benefits through increased labour productivity.

Porotherm is ideal for both monolithic construction, with external render, for internal walls or as the inner leaf of a double skin cavity wall when finished with an external facing brick. Both are applicable to the traditional housing, commercial, public sector and retail building sectors.

Technical advantages of Porotherm system:

  • Full construction system – from initial laying methodology, through application and supply of specialist thin joint mortar, quality checking, through to timely distribution and supply of materials.
  • Up to five times faster than many other walling systems/construction methods thereby compressing duration of entire build programme.
  • Offers a genuine ‘thin joint’ – Porotherm joints are 1mm as compared to aircrete thin joint 2-3mm or traditional masonry 10mm.
  • Virtually water-free – uses 95% less water on site – mortar can be mixed on site in a bucket rather than a mixer (decreasing noise and requirement for site access/space).
  • Structurally sound construction, independent of additional support up to five storeys, as validated by CERAM.
  • Eco-friendly – uses less clay than block due to innovative design; contains minimum 30% waste content in its manufacture; and requires a relatively low firing temperature of around 900oc.
  • Up to 50% lighter than concrete block due to perforations/design, with a smooth-edge adding to safety standards on site.
  • Excellent thermal performance due to precision-engineered air pockets offering lambda values of as little of 0.12 w/mk and a thermal mass minimum of 96kg/m2.
  • Highest fire-retardant rating – Class A1 – does not burn or give off toxic smoke.
  • Post-construction, the virtually dry fix Porotherm wall doesn’t crack or shrink and is dimensionally stable. This significantly reduces the cost of snagging.

Plot Number: 14

Property Description: 2 bedroom amenity cottage

House System Developed: Porotherm clay block walling system

Contact Details: Darren White, Porotherm Sales Director –