Campion / Scotframe

Val-U-Therm™ is based on timber frame – the most widely used structural building method in the world. By adopting a Fabric First approach, the system produces a building with the following benefits:

  • Improved Thermal Performance – Val-U-Therm™ is a closed panel system which utilises injected polyurethane insulation to fully fill every millimetre within each panel. A suite of thermal solution options are available which can produce a U value as low as 0.08W/m2K if required.
  • Improved Environmental Credentials – the system has a BRE Green Guide “A/A+” rating and will benefit tenants through reduced energy use during the life of the building.
  • Improved Buildability / Better Detailing – pre-installed windows & doors and careful detailing to control thermal bridging and air tightness (buildings using Val-U-Therm™ have air permeability as low as 1m3/m2h@50pa).
  • Sustainability Benefits – all timber used in Val-U-Therm™ comes from accredited renewable sources. Insulation polymer is derived from 86% bio-based renewable vegetable oil. Insulation has an ozone depletion potential of zero. Insulation blowing agent has a Global Warming Potential of less than 1.

Plot Numbers: 5-8

Property Description: 2 bedroom cottage flats

House System Developed: Control Project

Contact Details: Ali Graham – Commercial Manager –