Assist / Powerwall

Powerwall’s structural steel frame Volumetric Space Frame System is designed to meet any client/architectural design. The system achieves high performance in thermal, acoustic and air-tightness specifications up to 22 storeys high.

Summary of benefits are as follows:

  • Benefits of the building system provide adaptability, flexibility and future-proofing of product and meets behavioural or cultural changes in the way we live.
  • Cost Savings through increased efficiencies, cost and quality control, reduced site labour & waste.
  • Up to 70% reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Reduced site labour & waste (60% recycled).
  • Micro-renewable compliant.
  • 36% less embodied energy than traditional build.
  • Code For Sustainable Homes – level 4 compliant.
  • SAP Band Rating of ‘A’.
  • ‘U’ values of  0.11W/m2K(PIPS Panel System).
  • Air-tightness of 1.2m3/m2/hr@50Pa.
  • Environmental gains through reduced carbon footprint, less impact on habitats, road networks, pollution and noise.
  • Quicker build time – so more affordable supply of housing.

Plot Numbers: 1-4

Property Description: 2 bedroom cottage flats

House System Developed: Volumetric Space Frame System

Contact Details: Carol Folksman