Phase 2 (part 2) & Phase 2 (part 3)

This document presents a review of four years of delivered energy demand of selected dwellings at the Housing Innovation Showcase (HIS) developed by Kingdom Housing Association. It also includes results of the building performance bi-annual monitoring, used for comparing against design aspirational energy demand calculations.

The building performance evaluation (BPE) of a sample of the dwellings at the Housing Innovation Showcase has been presented in this document. The development has been a successful showcase of different technologies, house types and construction methods from timber open/ closed panel solutions to modular steel and concrete form methods.

The results have been discussed with a focus on comparing the predicted scores and calculations at the design stage with the monitored results over a longer occupation period of four years. This type of study is unprecedented as most BPE’s of buildings are performed only during the post construction stages and early occupation for less than 2 years post-handover.

Please refer to the full report for details, including the evaluation methodologies used.