Phase 2 (part 1)

  • The third year average electrical consumption figures show minor changes over the period with average HIS consumption figure of 3200 kWh/yr still well below the DECC average of 4500 kWh/yr in Scotland. (DECC 2012)
  • Monitoring of the properties 10 out of the 13 of them consumed equally or considerably less energy than the design predictions. The remaining 3 properties continue to consume large amounts of energy, 2 of these properties are heated using an ASHP and the 3rd property is occupied by 4 adults.


This stage of the evaluation has shown that increased energy consumption may not be caused by performance issues it could be a result of occupancy patterns and lifestyles.  It is therefore important to scrutinise energy data against design predictions and occupancy patterns.

A summary of the key outcomes are above, however please refer to the full report for details, including the evaluation methodologies used.

Dunlin Drive, Dunfermline