Review of Energy Consumption Year 4

This document presents a review of four years of delivered energy demand of selected dwellings at the Housing Innovation Showcase (HIS) developed by Kingdom Housing Association (KHA). It also includes results of the building performance bi-annual monitoring, used for comparing against design aspirational energy demand calculations.

The results show that throughout the years of occupation, a pattern of consumption has emerged, which distinctly divides early occupation and the latter years after this period of adjustment.


This study continues into the final stages of a Doctorate Thesis which is due to be finalised in 2018. The research seeks to obtain correlations over longer periods of occupation taking into consideration the dilapidation of the building envelope and the increase of energy for space heating. The use of a reduced sample of dwellings modelled under climate change scenarios and statistical trend analysis will help to progress this research further.

The full report is attached for information and linked here

RobertBrady / Freelance / Kingdom / June 2013