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Project Aim and Objectives

Project Aim

To create a development of high quality, distinctiveness and local identity, which is sustainable, meets housing needs, delivers quality and recognizes aspirations, affordability and value for money.

Key Objectives

  • Co-ordinate a phased redevelopment of Fraser Avenue
  • Promote a coherent overall development within the constraints of the retained area
  • Promote high quality standards of planning and urban design; create a modern and attractive place to live
  • Provide a safe, secure and pleasant environment
  • Create a development which is sustainable and energy efficient (Silver Standard)
  • Promote the involvement of tenants and residents in the design and decision making process
  • Provide housing which is accessible and adaptable by observing Barrier Free and Housing for Varying Needs principles
  • Meet the demands of the area in terms of housing need

Development Brief

A Development Brief has been prepared by partners involved in the regeneration to give:

  • clear guidance in respect of the aspirations and vision of the partners involved in the project.
  • key issues and factors to be addressed in the site’s redevelopment.
  • a clear and strategic framework for the planning and design of the sites redevelopment as a phased approach.

High levels of community / tenant engagement are planned including:

  • consultation events & workshops
  • surveys
  • tenant choice (for returning residents)

A number of added value projects will progress in association with building works / redevelopment programme.  These are likely to include projects that

  • deliver training and employment opportunities.
  • contribute to environmental sustainability.
  • involve local schools and community.

A Governance Structure has been established through which the redevelopment will be delivered.

For more information on the redevelopment please email Kingdom Housing Association, Development Administration or call us on 01383 515949.

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