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Social Media House Rules

At Kingdom we love being social.

You’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

We post photos and information about our services, new developments, current job vacancies, awards, campaigns and details of how you can get involved with tenant participation.

We love to hear from you across our social platforms and we’ve got a few House Rules so that everyone can enjoy being part of the conversation.

House Rules

  • We reserve the right to remove any post that breaks our House Rules.
  • We don’t accept the use of obscene or inappropriate (abusive, offensive or disruptive) language and you may not receive a reply. 
  • Posts which are indecent, unlawful or defamatory will be removed.
  • Inappropriate or threatening language will be removed and the user may be banned.
  • Treat other users with respect. We don’t tolerate abuse directed to members of our team or other users on our social platforms.
  • Being followed or re-posted by us does not constitute or imply endorsement of any kind.
  • All direct questions and messages are read and answered as soon as possible. 
  • Direct questions and messages which are in breach of our House Rules will be removed.

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