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Online Access

Kingdom Housing Association has installed a new ‘web kiosk’ at its James Bank office in Dunfermline to help tenants and other customers who do not have access at home to the internet. If successful, more kiosks could be opened at Kingdom offices across Fife.

Universal Credit will be introduced in Fife from April 2016 and those eligible for this benefit, or who will be moved onto this benefit in due course, will need to complete their application on line. Tenants and service users will be able to use our web kiosk to submit their application and ensure that they receive the benefits to which they are entitled.

There will also be access to other websites which tenants and service users may find useful, such as Local Council websites, All pay, for Universal Credit or other benefit advice, money advice services, Citizens Advice and Rights Fife and organisations which provide energy advice and assistance.

The aim is to make sure that tenants and service users can easily access the services and advice they need which will help them to maximise their income, manage their budgets and maintain their tenancies.

Client Danny Stewart of James Bank is one of the service users. He said: “Not everyone can access the internet at different places so it is helpful. I am using it for the Job Centre site to look for jobs.”

“It is good there are a variety of things I can access, like Fife Council or Perth and Kinross Council as I used to stay there when I was younger.”

Norah Smith, director of housing and care at Kingdom Housing Association, said: “We are delighted to have the Kiosk in place and would encourage our tenants and other customers to come along and try it out.

“With many welfare reforms having already taken place and with more to face, it is essential that we as a landlord, provide every assistance possible to our tenants to secure the advice and support they need. If this proves successful, we will consider whether similar kiosks should be installed in our other offices.”

The kiosk can be accessed on a drop in basis from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. If anyone needs support to use the kiosk, they should phone ahead and an appointment can be arranged.

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