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Vehicle Leasing

Kingdom Housing Association Limited is delighted to announce the award of a contract to Automotive Leasing for the contract hire of 12 new vans for use by Kingdom’s Repairs and Maintenance team.

The procurement process was supported by The Procurement Partnership Limited and Capita Asset Services using the Halton Housing Trust Framework Agreement. The winning tender from Automotive Leasing will deliver 11 new Citroen Relay Vans and 1 Vauxhall Corsa van which are much needed replacements for part of Kingdom’s ageing fleet.

Nick Pollard, Kingdom’s finance director, said: “We are pleased to appoint Automotive Leasing after an in-depth tendering process. Kingdom is constantly reviewing its suppliers to ensure, best value and sustainability.”

Kingdom hopes to take delivery of the new vehicles in the next 3 months and have the vehicles for up to 5 years under the contract terms.

The change of approach from owning assets, like vehicles which depreciate rapidly, that are used in the delivery of services such as the responsive maintenance service is a change of approach for the Association.

It is envisaged that this will be a more effective method of procurement whilst also contributing to Kingdom’s objectives of being as efficient as possible and delivering value for money.

Contract awarded to Automotive Leasing