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Three Bedroom Tele-House Available to Rent in Auchtermuchty

We have a 3 bedroom semi detached tele-house in Auchtermuchty, Fife for rent.  The property includes an office space for you to operate your small business from home.

Full gas central heating.  The monthly rental for this property is approximately £395 – £400.


Kingdom Housing is looking for applications from individuals who are self employed and using technology as a core function of their business.  Knowledge intensive enterprises such as consultancy work, graphic design and web-based businesses are particularly encouraged to apply.  Assessments will be carried out using a points system with applicants marked accordingly to their housing need and business need.  Ventures that have a negative environmental impact on surrounding dwellings are unlikely to be eligible for consideration.


Before making contact, applicants are asked to consider the following questions:


  1. Are you currently operating your business or would like to operate one from home?
  2. What type of business are you conducting/would like to operate/ from home?
  3. Are you currently in business or do you propose to begin if you are allocated a property?
  4. Have you drafted a business plan?
  5. How many bedrooms do you need?

If you feel you meet the criteria and are looking to rent this property oer you would like further information, please contact our Customer Service team for an application form.


Closing date for applications is Monday 4 April 2016.



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