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Tenants learn more about scrutiny

A Joint Scrutiny Panel event for tenants and residents from Dunedin Canmore, East Lothian and Kingdom housing associations was so successful that another joint session is to be held in six months’ time.

Tenants and residents who are involved in scrutiny activities met in the Slateford Green Community Centre, Edinburgh and enjoyed stimulating discussions about scrutiny in housing and learned by sharing their own experiences.

Max Scotto, Kingdom’s tenant participation officer, said: “This is the first time we have done an event like this and the tenants and residents found it extremely useful. Dunedin Canmore and East Lothian housing associations both have a good record in tenant involvement. When tenants speak to their peers and learn about how things are done in other organisations new ideas begin to develop and we can look at better ways to engage and participate.”

He added: “These tenants and residents volunteer their time to make a difference in their own communities and find that immensely rewarding. I admire them very much and I would like to thank each of the participants as well as Harry Woodward, Alan Wood (Dunedin Canmore), John McInally and Mary Hargreaves (East Lothian) for helping put together a great session for us all.”