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Support and Care

Service users at Kingdom Housing Association’s James Bank Homeless Service in Dunfermline have attended an ‘up-cycling’ workshop teaching basic refurbishment techniques with small items of furniture.

The workshop was hands-on and designed to encourage people to tap into their imagination and create some fantastic, individual items, using simple and readily available low-cost materials. It was judged so successful as a pilot project that it is hoped to secure future funding to continue with more workshops as an ongoing activity.

The event, which was funded by Kingdom, was attended by five enthusiastic “up-cyclers”. Everyone involved had the opportunity to create their own design.

Alan said: “I am really happy with the stool I made myself, this is a great idea for an activity.”

Cheryl added: “I am amazed at my own work and the work of others in the group.”

Upcycling workshops are a fun but practical way of engaging with people to help them acquire new skills and raise confidence levels.

Derek said: “Today I learned skills and tips that I can use on my own furniture when I get my own home in the future.”

Norah Smith, Kingdom’s director of housing and care, said: “I am delighted that Kingdom was able to offer support to this workshop which was delivered to people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in something like this. Our Support and Care team at James Bank go the extra mile to empower people with the skills they need to help them move on to a home of their own.”