Road Safety

With over 3,700 affordable homes to maintain across Fife and East Central Scotland and 260 individual clients benefitting from its personalised Support and Care services, Kingdom Housing Association staff clock up the miles but safe driving is paramount and some of the association’s staff have attended a Police Scotland session to drive home the message.

Dave Roy, Kingdom’s health and safety officer, said: “Due to the varied nature of our work, safe driving is very important to the Association and health and safety training is part of an ongoing programme of awareness and briefing sessions that we arrange for staff.”

To help promote road safety, Dave invited Police Scotland to meet some of Kingdom’s drivers and present road safety information to raise awareness with the staff. The presentation provided an insight into how Safety Cameras Scotland applies the principle of highly visible deterrence to speeding, in areas where there has been a history of personal injury and collisions associated with road safety issues. Speed management is a major part of Scotland’s road safety strategy, with safety cameras being one tool that is being used to bring about a reduction in road casualties.

Bob Murphy, area communications officer, East Safety Camera Unit, Police Scotland, who carried out the road safety awareness session with Kingdom’s drivers, said: “I would like to thank Dave Roy and his team for giving me the opportunity to highlight these important Road Safety messages. Occupational drivers have an increased risk of being detected speeding due to the different types of vehicles they use and their differing speed limits. It is encouraging to see an employer taking these important and proactive steps to ensure that their workforce has all the necessary information to drive safely.”

Bob added: “The Safety Camera Partnership deploys mobile safety cameras in areas which have shown a history of road casualty problems and evidence of excessive speeding or red light non compliance. The sole aim is to reduce casualties on Scotland’s roads, by the use of safety cameras across the county. This reduction can be achieved through changing driver attitude by education, information, enforcement and engineering.”

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