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Pioneering Kingdom scheme helps homeless into employment

Kingdom Housing Association has launched a pioneering shortlisting scheme to guarantee that people who are homeless or have recently experienced homelessness will be considered for employment.

The scheme has been created to lessen the stigma and the barriers to employment that sometimes face people who have experienced homelessness.

Under the scheme, any applicant who meets the essential criteria for a role with Kingdom and who is currently registered homeless or has been registered homeless in the 12 months prior to the date of their application will be automatically taken forward to the next stage of the selection process.

Matthew Busher, Kingdom’s head of housing, said: “Securing employment can be a real challenge to people who have experienced homelessness which, in turn, can make finding and settling into stable accommodation more difficult. It’s great that Kingdom has committed to try and support those people to gain employment. Hopefully we have done something that will help to remove a little of the stigma that comes with homelessness.”

Andrew Latto, Kingdom’s head of HR, added: “The idea for this came about when Matthew and I were discussing what we could do as an employer to tackle homelessness. Similar schemes, aimed at supporting people with disabilities, are not new but I’m not aware of any other employer having a scheme like this for people who have experienced homelessness. We want to send a clear message that having experienced homelessness will not be a barrier to anyone who wants to work with us.”

Bill Banks, Kingdom’s chief executive, said: “Kingdom Housing Association’s mission is Building Homes and Communities and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to their community. People who have experienced homelessness often find it difficult to participate in their community and we hope that, through this scheme, we will make that participation a little bit easier and that other employers will follow our lead. We have other, very exciting employability plans which will help tackle homelessness so watch this space.”

Kingdom chief executive Bill Banks
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