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Our Power Energy Supply Closure


When you started your tenancy with us, you may have been set up with Our Power as your Energy supplier.  We have been notified that Our Power has stopped trading.  Please be assured that this should not affect your continued gas and electric supply.

If your current supplier is Our Power, this means that:


  • Ofgem, the Energy regulator, will appoint a new supplier to take over Our Power accounts;
  • You will be contacted by the new supplier;
  • Any price caps already in place means that the tariffs being charged, cannot go above the caps;
  • You should NOT switch suppliers until the move to the new supplier is completed;
  • You will not lose supply during this process and any credit balances are protected through the transfer;
  • If you are a pre-payment customer, you should continue to top up and the payments will continue to be allocated to your meter;
  • We recommend that you record your current gas and electric meter readings so that you are able to provide them to your new supplier when they are appointed.


If you would like more support and advice, you can get this via Ofgem’s website

Alternatively, you can contact Citizen’s Advice on 03454 040506, email them via webform or get in touch through Ofgem’s Facebook or Twitter feed @ofgem.