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Noise Nuisance

We are all spending increased time together in our homes during these unprecedented times and the knock-on effect of this may mean that you are more aware of noise levels from your neighbours.


This may include general household noise and children playing. Please try to be tolerant of the noise level you might experience during this time, and please consider the impact your household behaviour and actions may have on your neighbours. 


Please be aware that due to a limit on resources, your Housing Officer may be restricted in how they can investigate and manage any complaints during this period. They will continue to prioritise and manage cases of anti-social behaviour as best they can by providing regular updates, discussing further action where appropriate and signposting you to helpful support networks. 


If you are experiencing repeated issues of anti-social behaviour you can report it to us by using your MyKingdom account, emailing or calling 01592 630922.


Please also utilise Police Scotland by calling 101 to report anti-social behaviour, or 999 if you are threatened with violence or are concerned for the safety of yourself or others.


Noting times, dates and incident reference numbers from Police Scotland calls or visits will be useful for your Housing Officer should it be required.