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More Than A Home

Providing someone with a high quality affordable home can make a difference in so many ways. The McGilvary family were recently allocated a new home as part of the Fraser Avenue regeneration project.

When they were asked if they were happy with their new home this is what they told us:

‘’We can only thank you all. You saved my family from ongoing ill health or the unthinkable.”

“We were in a top flat that was riddled with mould. My son was weeks old when he started displaying very concerning breathing problems and was rushed in and out of hospital from weeks old. Right until the day we left that property we were in and out of the Doctor’s surgery with chest issues and headaches. On one occasion my son was taken to hospital and had to be given oxygen. The doctors at the hospital, my GP and health visitor all confirmed this was due to our living conditions.

My youngest daughter was on blue and brown inhalers because of respiratory infections and she also had digestive issues. My husband was taking seizure upon seizure which was confirmed, most likely, as a result of the mould exposure.

I suffer mental illness issues but this was way beyond anything I had ever felt. My home was destroying my family so I fought with the Council to listen. I took all my letters from GPs and doctors and even my own doctor regarding my ill state. The Council then moved us from the property to homeless accommodation which resulted in having to separate my family due to schooling. As a mother it destroyed me not having all my kids with me. Even though it was only two weeks, it felt like a life time.

Then we spoke with a lady who advised us about Fraser Avenue in Inverkeithing and everything changed.

When I got my keys I was like a girl who had been given the world. I felt the weight and burden had lifted. Since moving, my son hasn’t had a single illness, my daughter doesn’t need any inhalers and my husband isn’t taking extreme daily seizures. Health wise, my kids are kids. They’re not limited with illness or GP visits or hospital admissions. My middle daughter is a child now. That might sound daft, but in our old house she was coughing, had headaches and wouldn’t go out. Now she’s never in! They love their home and often they’re off playing in their rooms.

It’s about being a perfect wee happy healthy family and to you all I am truly grateful that I’m in the property. Plus it’s my dream home with my own garden, nice community, shops and a park planned in the next phase. It’s so exciting to see the development and know it’s focused on family living.

Thank you.”

Michelle McGilvary (Kingdom tenant)

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