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Long Service

Staff members who have clocked up 20 years and 25 years of service at Kingdom Housing Association were recognised when they were presented with long-service certificates.

Lesley Proudfoot and Alana Johnston, two of the staff members who have worked with Kingdom for over 25 years, were among those presented with certificates to mark the occasion.

Lesley, a services co-ordinator with the association, said: “I started with Kingdom in 1987 as a YTS Trainee and I would never have imagined I would still be working with the same organisation 25 years later.”

Alana, who is also a services co-ordinator, added: “I have witnessed lots of changes since I started working for Kingdom in 1989, however the variety and change over the years are what makes my job interesting and every day is a learning day.”

Paying tribute to Kingdom’s 350 staff responsible for developing and maintaining 4,000 houses as well as the association’s support and care programme, it’s care and repair services and community benefits, including Fife Works, the employability project, Charles Milne, chairperson of Kingdom, said: “Being a good employer is one of our strategic objectives and I’m very pleased to acknowledge and thank all the staff for their contribution to Kingdom’s work.”

He added: “Kingdom is an organisation that has addressed many changes over the years and whilst this can be very challenging, it is also rewarding for both staff and committee members. It is very encouraging that we have so many staff that have remained with kingdom over the years.”