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Kingdom Group Hosts Annual Staff Conference In Dunfermline

Over 200 staff from across the Kingdom Group gathered at The Vine Conference Centre in Dunfermline for the Association’s annual staff conference. The conference brought together employees from various departments for a day of collaboration, discussion and team-building activities.

Kingdom Housing Association’s annual staff conference plays an important part in the organisation’s strategic business planning process and benefits from the input of colleagues from across the wider Kingdom Group, including Kingdom Support & Care and Kingdom Initiatives.

The event began with a welcome and introduction from Kingdom’s Chair, Linda Leslie. Tom Barclay, Kingdom’s Group Chief Executive, then spoke about his early experiences with the organisation and the Group’s plans for the future.

As part of the strategic business planning portion of the day, staff members discussed recent staff survey results and a fresh approach to empowering staff. This session emphasised the Kingdom Group’s ongoing commitment to making sure employees feel supported and valued in their roles and able to deliver unrivalled services to their customers.

Linda Leslie, Chair of Kingdom Housing Association, said, “This year due to the size of our organisation we had to hold the Kingdom Group staff conference at a new, larger venue. While the scale of Kingdom may have changed over recent years, one thing that hasn’t is our commitment to our customers and our mission of providing more than a home. All of our staff are dedicated to delivering services that are genuinely life-changing. Spending time together having strategic conversations helps staff feel connected to our goals as they work together to deliver as One Kingdom for our customers. ”

Tom Barclay, Kingdom Group Chief Executive, said, “Getting so many staff together under one roof while still providing the level of service our customers expect from us is no mean feat. However, events like the Kingdom Group staff conference are vitally important to the organisation. It’s an opportunity to look forward to the future together. Involving our colleagues in strategic discussions has enormous benefits and the wide range of views and experiences expressed is invaluable.”

To promote cross-team collaboration, a fun teambuilding activity took place in the afternoon. The activity challenged teams to work together to solve a fictional crime, developing communication, problem-solving, and teamwork skills among participants. This engaging and entertaining activity not only provided a fun break from the conference’s more formal sessions but also strengthened the relationships among different team members.