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Fuel Efficiency

Kingdom Housing Association company vehicle drivers have completed a training course which is designed to help increase fuel efficiency.

FuelGood training was arranged through Energy Saving Trust and DriveSense and is fully subsidised by Transport Scotland. The training is designed to help company drivers become more fuel efficient and help save Kingdom up to 15 percent on fuel costs while also reducing carbon emissions.

Approved driving instructors Bob Guthrie and James Coutts, who delivered the training, said: “Kingdom should now see an average fuel saving of around 10 per cent – 15 per cent if the drivers apply the techniques we showed them. All of the drivers took on board our recommendations and we were very impressed with the overall standard of their driving”.

Based on 12,000 miles per year, the training can lead to typical annual savings of up to £250 per car driver (more for van drivers).

Kingdom’s health and safety officer, Dave Roy, said: “The training is short duration, delivered in a coached style, providing simple useable information. The training day comprised of 50 minute slots for each Kingdom company vehicle driver and each session started with an observational lap that measures the current MPG and average speed. The sessions ended with a second lap and our drivers were coached to show improvement on the first lap figures. In addition to the fuel savings that could be made our sponsor selected the best driver in our organisation. I’m happy to announce Declan Cairns our apprentice electrician won the prize.”

Apprentice Declan added: “I found the driver training very interesting and useful. By applying some simple techniques whilst driving you can make a great improvement in fuel consumption. I can now use the knowledge to save fuel in Kingdom vans and also my own car.”