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Improving Performance

Kingdom Housing Association is to appoint a tenant participation officer to increase the involvement of tenants in the running of the association which has over 3,000 houses, most of them in Fife.

The announcement has been made as tenants receive the first edition of a new type of annual report which provides details on Kingdom’s performance and how it compares with other landlords.

Produced in partnership with tenants, the annual performance report aims to provide clear, accurate information about how the Association is performing against the outcomes set out in the Scottish Social Housing Charter.

The report covers performance across all the outcomes and standards that all social landlords should achieve for tenants and customers. The report also highlights priorities which Kingdom has identified for continued improvement for the following year.

Charles Milne, Chairperson with Kingdom, introduced the Association’s first Annual Report on the Charter and said, “Monitoring and reporting on our performance is something we do on a regular basis so although the format is new, the principle is not and I am pleased to say that our Scottish Housing Regulator Landlord Report shows that we are performing well in most aspects of our business”.

Charles added, “Although we feel our performance is good, we are not complacent and there are areas in which we want to improve in the coming year”.

Some of the areas that Kingdom has prioritised for the next year include: increasing opportunities for tenant participation and scrutiny; improving performance in dealing with neighbour disputes; enhancing the advice and support services to tenants and generally continuing to improve services across all areas of activities.

Norah Smith, Kingdom’s Director of Housing and Care said, “During 2013/14 we completed our large scale tenant and customer satisfaction survey and the feedback we received is reflected in the Annual Report on the Charter. The results of the survey confirmed areas where our customers feel we are performing well. However, it also helped us identify areas for continued improvement”.

Norah continued, “Increased tenant participation is one of the areas we have prioritised and we will be recruiting a Tenant Participation Officer in the near future to help us implement our tenant participation action plan”.

Kingdom’s Annual Report on the Charter is available here.

Kingdom to appoint Tenant Participation Officer.